Hometown Proud

Kinston_oAs I told you previously, I am from Kinston, NC. It was wonderful growing up in Kinston, which was, back then, a thriving vibrant town. Tobacco and textiles were the stable products that were the backbone of this eastern NC town. Sadly, when these slowly dissipated,  so did the town.

Kinston,  however,  is regaining its buoyancy,  all thanks to some smart entrepreneurs in our small town who have currently achieved national recognition. Mother Earth Brewery is making and distributing some mighty fine craft beer in downtown Kinston. The owners are big on sustainability and even did a green renovation to the crumbling old building which now houses the brewery.   Next time you are thirsty for a delicious craft beer, select one from this award winning brewery.  You will quench that thirst and be quite satisfied.

Our other claim to fame is the nationally accredited restaurant, The Chef and the Farmer. The food is truly farm to table. Chef Vivian Howard uses locally grown products and her culinary expertise to bring unusual, delectable dishes to your plate. Call ahead, way ahead,  for reservations. Chef Vivian is currently in her second season of “A Chef’s Life” aired on PBS stations throughout the country. The series recently won the coveted Peabody Award. I encourage all of my followers to tune in each week. Check your local PBS listings for days and times.

My last,  but not least,  hometown proud shout out,  is to my friend Francis Civils,  who published the cookbook “For The Love Of Food……and Family”. It is a compilation of her family’s recipes that she painstakingly collected and bound together to give to her family members. She is currently on her third printing!

Though the first two have achieved national recognition, the third is equally as important.  They all remind us of who we are and where we come from; our families,  our love for food, and the little eastern North Carolina town that nurtured All of This!

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