About Donna and the Blog


I am Donna Byrd Getty and, like many of you, I am an absolute 100% foodie. I grew up in Eastern NC (which is an entity of its own) with a family of foodies. Before “farm to table” or “sea to table” became trendy, my parents practiced this belief. My father and mother always had a garden, the biggest you could get away with living in town, and if it wasn’t grown in our own garden then they would seek vegetables from our local farmers. We had an egg man, Mr. Grey, who would deliver fresh eggs every week. We had a milk man back then too, from the local dairy. My father was an avid fisherman, and when he couldn’t get to the coast, he fished the local ponds. He was a food pioneer in his day, long before men really cooked. He even studied under Jaques Pepin. My mother is the quintessential southern cook.

I had no choice….it was all around me! I cooked in restaurants, managed restaurants, owned my own restaurant and prepared meals business, and I catered and catered and catered some more. I also owned an etiquette company and taught children how to use proper table manners.

My family and I live on 12 acres which we affectionately call Misty Morning Farm. Yes, we have a manger scene: a donkey, goats, and sheep. We also have chickens, bees and a Great Pyrenees, Lilly, who protects all of our critters. Two more dogs and a cat round out the family. Oh yes, and last, but not least, a husband, son and daughter!

I love to entertain, and I believe this love permeates our home when you are a guest. I am constantly asked “Why don’t you write a cookbook?” I just might…but this is a good beginning. I love to travel and food is usually the focal point of many of our adventures.

Good food always has a story so I invite you to be my guest around the table, listen to the stories, test the tried and true and sometimes new recipes, and most of all enjoy the journey…All of This!


PS If you’d like to contact me, feel free to send an email to donnabgetty@gmail.com

1 thought on “About Donna and the Blog

  1. I am a friend of Theresa Harrell and saw your blog on her FB and decided to follow. Love your story and look forward to the journey. Trudi Waters


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